Versatility, possibility of CERO waste, hi production and excellent quality.

With the system of individual tracking, the equipment counts with individual modules that facilitate maintenance and adjustments.

Makes laminated packages to a witness of 500mm on its maximum area. This machine is designed to use multiple signals in order to multiply its production capacity using a single packaging rail for the bigger products.

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Indata B500, means excellent finish and hi production.

Packs to 2Kg and a maximum volume of 250x480x100mm.

  • Processing options
  • Cutting options
  • Stamping options

  • Pre-foundry: Using this option, the machine can reach a bigger number of packages with more strength. It is recommended for a deepness factor that is over 60% of the diagonal of the opening.
  • Easy-Open: A system that makes it easy to open the package. One part of the package isn’t sealed allowing manual opening.
  • Striated sealing: With this option the sealing is striated, widely used for aluminum sealing on pharmaceuticals.
  • Photocellule label locator: It’s a system that places the label centered on the plastic containers; without this option the machine only uses the impression on film with no edition.
  • Standard: The package is cut in a square form.

    Rounded combined: a container is cut in a square form with rounded corners. This system is combined because the cuts are being done in two stages, on the first stage the corners and then is done the square form cut.

    Simple rounded: a container is cut in a square form with rounded corners. This system warranties better results because it’s done in one stage.

    Outline cut: the package is cut in any shape. The system makes an excellent finish and it is utilized on standard packaging.

    Punching system for expositor: many products need to be hanged on hook racks. This system punches the film according to the form and size specified by the customer. (cutting maximum area is 43 mm by 18 mm)

    Punching station: a pneumatic feature its utilized to select the welding area in between the cavities of the same pack. 

  • Hot Stamping: stamping of date and batch with interchangeable brass tape and seals. This will be utilized to cover the lid of the shipping package before it is stamped.
  • Ink-Jet Printer: it’s a variable printing system, which prints in the package cover. It does nutrition facts charts, barcodes, container tracking, etc.
  • Tape printer: printing system that utilizes a tape cartridge, it is recommended for low temperatures and a more durable stamp.
  • Thermoform stamping: A stamp is added to the cast before thermoforming the container. Information like date and batch can be added.
  • Seal Stamping: relief in the sealing area, like it is seen in most tablet blister packs used for pharmaceutical products.
Model Area of the Pack Maximum depth of the container Produntion speed Maximum diameter of the sealing coil Maximum diameter of the base coil Advance Maximun width
B500 130 x 90mm 40mm 16 per minute 250mm 280mm 100mm 140mm